Men's Swim Briefs

Speed Style Swimwear for Men


Men's Swim briefs are one of the most stylish types of sexy swimwear! Also popular as speedos, they are tight, body hugging swimsuits.

The front is V-shaped that bares the thighs. Swim briefs that are for recreational purposes generally have an interior lining.


Mens Swim Briefs Speedo


At HUNK we also make them revversible.

Funny designs, exclusive designer patterns, styles with and without pouch, make us one of the leading brands in men's swimwear.

Quality is our main target.

Swim briefs are more popular in Europe and South America than in UK and North America.

Men wearing bikinis is much more common in Europe, and it’s a style that is fairly universally embraced by many gay guys.

Men’s bikini swimwear is trending among stylish men in the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada.


We asked Alex, one of our in-house swimwear models, how  he felt trying on a bikini for the first time:

“When I first tried the swim bikini on, I realised how great it was!” confirmed him.


Mens Swim Briefs


“Maybe I’m a bit more European in my outlook, but I feel like people should be less afraid of exposing their bodies – there’s just so much freedom and confidence that comes with being comfortable in your skin.

I also loved the Amazon pattern.

HUNK is one of my favorite premium brands”

“What I like about the unlined men’s swim briefs is that you don’t end up with tan lines in inconvenient places…” added Alex.

“Plus, it’s an excuse to show the quads off!” Alex advised: “This is swimwear that exudes confidence, no matter what your body type is…”.


Swimwear Brief Speedo for Men


“Life is too short to worry about what other people might say or think. The male physique should be celebrated. I feel like the bikini is definitely the style that shows off the male physique the best.”