Brand Ambassador Program

HUNK Underwear & Swimwear


HUNK offers one of the top fashion brand ambassador programs.

The main benefits of our program are:

• HUNK offers 10% commission on sales coming from affiliate links

• Affiliates can track clicks, conversions, and payments • We offer a 30-day cookie policy

• We provide you with banners and professional imagery that will stand out on social netwroks or blogs and will ease your transaction opportunities

• Depending on the size of your following, you can be eligible for free merchandise on a regular basis

• HUNK does not consider applications looking to charge a fee for social promotions.



The idea behind this is that our ambassadors and the HUNK brand can always mutually benefit: this occurs when transactions take place and we share our profits with you.


What is a brand ambassador?


A brand ambassador is the equivalent of a brand ‘evangelist‘, someone in charge of spreading the ‘good news’ about the HUNK brand.

This requires us to design and manufacture products of the best quality in the market so that you fall in love with them and feel encouraged to spread the message.


“someone in charge of spreading the ‘good news’ about the HUNK brand”


An important part of being a brand ambassador is to establish a win-win relationship. You get compensation in the form of a commission. Details about our affiliate program are shown below.


What does a brand ambassador do?


The brand ambassador job description…

A brand ambassador job description is far from rigorous and there is always room for creativity.

As a brand ambassador you typically will be:

• Posting on social media content that you we design for you to share and you try to turn into online transactions

• Sharing our social media posts

• Writing reviews for free products that we send to you (this only applies to ambassadors with very large followings)

• Sharing with friends about our brand and asking them to access our site through your customized links

• Guest posting on our blogs to promote the HUNK brand and yourself

• Giving ideas for our creative work (photoshoots, videos, product design) that fit in with your audience so that you can benefit from our relationship to satisfy your own needs

• Anything else that you think of and can be mutually beneficial


How to Become a Brand Ambassador:


Becoming a HUNK ambassador is very easy. We only disapprove spammy sites or sites with content that does not fit at all with the HUNK brand.


HUNK offers 10% commission on sales coming from affiliate links. Affiliates can track clicks, conversions, and payments. We offer a 30-day cookie policy.

A little about HUNK as a brand:


HUNK is an inclusive brand designed with a cultural hybrid man in mind. Either racially, or through our life experiences, we identify with a hybrid always looking to transform beyond labels.

What’s behind HUNK’s collections?

HUNK is a fashion-forward brand with an inclusive aesthetic inspired in our lifestyle and cultural diversity.

Our collections are inspired in worldwide cultural trends: from vivid colors to prints, various textures, and always using the best fabrics we guarantee that you wear unique, top-quality underwear. 


Examples of Creative Media Available to You

HUNK works with top photographers around the world and top models that fit the interests of our market.

Below are some examples of creative banners available to you.

They will be available for you to download from the affiliate portal once your application is approved.

All images have been optimized for conversion and optimized for web (quality vs. image size):


Brand Ambassador Application

Contact us using our contact page. We will review your message within 48 hours. 



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