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The secrets of an LA go-go boy Chris DePrete strips off and tells all


A Male Go-Go Dancer Journey


It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it - photographer Armando Adajar is continuing his mission to showcase hot guys in swimwear on the beaches of San Diego.


We’re not complaining.


Gogo Dancer Mens Swimwear Circuit Party Schedule


LA boy Chris DiPrete looks fantastic in the bright and bold colors of our HUNK range. Armando got some great shots of Chris in the shorts, trunks, and swim-briefs, as well as showing off our reversible styles.

When he’s not modelling swimwear, Chris is a dancer.

Check out his Instagram and you’ll see that Chris is a favourite on the podiums of West Hollywood’s clubs as well as the biggest parties across the country.

We took the opportunity to quiz Chris about life as a male go-go dancer. Shop Men's Premium Swimwear


Aloha Hawaii

Born and raised in Hawaii, Chris seems to be the perfect combination of his Hawaiian, Italian, and Japanese genetic mix.


Gogo Dancer Mens Swimwear Circuit Party Schedule


“I moved from Hawaii to Los Angeles first and foremost to further my professional career in dance…” explains Chris, when we ask what prompted him to move to the city of angels.

“But it was also a chance to explore a new city, to explore life, and to meet new people.” “Hawaii is very beautiful but very, very small socially…” adds Chris.

“I wanted to move somewhere close-ish to home, but far enough away to make new friends, new relationships, and new connections.”

"When I was little, I’d learn a choreography and imagine myself performing for stadiums filled with thousands of people”


Born to dance

Shop Swimwear “I have definitely always been a dancer…” confirms Chris, when we ask him how he got started in the business.


“It stemmed from watching music videos when I was little. I’d learn the choreography and imagine myself performing for stadiums filled with thousands of people.

The reality was though that I was just performing for myself in my bedroom.”

“That passion for performing led me to get involved in theatre…” adds Chris.

“I was interested in anything that got me on a stage.

I also got pretty serious about sports for a while, but I eventually realized that dance was what I was meant to do.

Ever since high school, I’ve been taking it seriously as a career. It’s dance that has brought me to where I am today.”


"I have definitely always been a dancer…"


Gogo Dancer Mens Swimwear Circuit Party Schedule

Stepping up onto the podium

“I used to go-go dance back home in Hawaii…” explains Chris, when we ask him about getting started in LA’s nightlife scene. .


“Go-go dancing is a great way to make some extra money as well as get some good cardio in.

I got introduced to a few promoters when I arrived in LA, and from there I would pick and choose when and where to dance. I’ve also danced at a few circuit parties, as I love the production quality of those events.”

“I’ve recently cut back on my nightlife dancing…” adds Chris. “I really want to focus more on my professional dance career.”


It’s all about the body

“As cliché as it sounds, the gym has to be a priority…” says Chris, when our chat turns to how to balance late nights in the club with the demands of being a professional dancer.

“After working out for over 10 years, it becomes very normal to plan your day around a workout, and not the other way around.”

“I always say that my body is my business card…” adds Chris. “Especially in this industry.

You have to make sure that you prioritize your health and that you put the best version of yourself out there.”


Gogo Dancer Mens Swimwear Circuit Party Schedule

Finding the right balance

“I don’t normally work in the mornings…” explains Chris, when we push him to share details of his routine.

“Not working in the mornings means that I can definitely get enough sleep to balance working, being a male go-go dancer, and working out.”

“When I want to relax, I’m glued to my couch with the A.C. blasting, watching YouTube and snacking on whatever I find…” admits Chris.

“I love to snack! I find it relaxing to just have some time to myself to binge-watch and eat eat eat!”



Gogo Dancer Mens Swimwear Circuit Party Schedule

Hitting the beach

Our conversation naturally turned to spending time on the beach.

Given that Chris had been trying on all of our different men’s swimwear styles, we were keen to hear which style he normally wears and which of our designs he preferred.

“I actually don’t visit the beach a lot here in Los Angeles…” admits Chris.

“I’ve gotten so spoiled with the beautiful, picture-perfect beaches in Hawaii.”

“Back in Hawaii, I was very into board shorts…” confirms Chris, when we push him on his preferred swimwear style.

“But, since moving here to Los Angeles, I love a nice, well-fitted brief to wear to the pool.” Shop Swimwear