Gay Unicorn

Gay Unicorn: is it a myth?

Are Gay Unicorns Real?


Gay SwimwearPhoto: Alain Bearinz for HUNK. Rainbow swimwear and gay unicorns in France, summer 2018


Some gay terms are just about fun We have all heard of LGBT world terms, which have been born in the same community and have gained strength in recent years.

Some of these words are used not to pigeonhole stereotypes but to define peculiar situations in the community.

Sometimes these terms are used for fun: this is how the Gay Unicorn was born.

It’s a fun way to call the gay “utopian” gay monogamous seeking his eternal companion.

In a world of modern and sometimes complex relationships, some gay men recognize that infidelity in gay couples tends to be a frequent problem.

Today we expose this term – the gay unicorn – one of the rarest topics that you could come across on the internet.

It is not literally about the mythological animal of a horse with a horn.


What is a gay unicorn?

A gay unicorn is a person who seeks to consolidate lasting relationships with someone of the same sex

The truth is that these men do exist, but for fun many gay men refer to this type of man as the utopian gay unicorn.
And if we enjoy this publication with the photos of the famous gay unicorn Alain Bearinz for HUNK²? Here are the best photos of this summer photoshoot by Bearinz taken in France.
Would you stay with that pair of unicorns?
Well, these are not the unicorns of our publication, unless they follow the description we tell you.

The Gay Unicorn Profile This so-called gay unicorn prefers intelligence and personality rather than superficial aspects such as beauty or sex.

Look for love, company and friendship that lasts a long period of time, instead of casual sexual encounters.

It has been called a gay unicorn because it is very ideal and hard to find.

Fidelity in homosexual couples is a taboo in today’s society.

Most people who do not belong to the community think that homosexual couples are more likely to be unfaithful than heterosexual couples, but research shows otherwise.

That is why this unicorn is more a gay joke than fantasy.

For gays and lesbians in the world, this means constantly dealing with prejudices.

Today it is a reality that we are increasingly closer to finding a balance between the rights of homosexual and heterosexual couples alike.

Slate Magazine journalist Nathaniel Frank belies the myth that gay couples are not monogamous.

Frank recalls an article by Atlantic that states that: “lesbian women were far less likely to report non-monogamous relationships than heterosexual women,” a result that coincides with theories that have been maintained to date, “which indicate that the biggest factor for promiscuity is to be a man, not if you’re gay or straight. ”

the biggest factor for promiscuity is to be a man, not if you’re gay or straight

Similarly, a 2013 study by the University of Texas at Austin found that men are more likely to be unfaithful because they have stronger sexual drives and less self-control than women.

We could better talk about the unicorn man! And not the gay unicorn! Desire, impulse and love (or lack of it) are determining factors in the fidelity of a couple.

When people talk about promiscuity in homosexual communities, they refer mainly to relationships between men.

Generalizations are often offensive to people who mistakenly pigeonhole stereotypes that do not match their personality or behavior, such as the infidelity label for a gay unicorn.

The biggest factor for promiscuity is to be a man, not if you’re gay or straight Common belief suggests that homosexual men are more prone to promiscuity, and it is often due to gay men being more direct and honest when talking about infidelity, unlike some heterosexual couples, who prefer to hide it.

Gay Unicorn Swimwear

Gay men tend to be more open, and this causes this perception that it is more difficult to find a faithful partner if you are gay.

The feelings of the couple should be taken into account when talking about intimacy.

If you have a partner who is a gay unicorn and you are not, the key is communication.

Many heterosexual relationships have also been seen in that situation at some point in their love life.

It is necessary to point out that not all homosexual men are part of the percentage that confirms infidelity in the gay community as the norm.

Some gay men like to feel sexy, and might be flirty, but still LTR oriented Eroticism vs Fidelity Intimacy is a sensitive issue for many, and eroticism, often more intense in the LGBT community, is taken as a bad indicator of fidelity.

This perception is completely wrong, because high sexual activity does not necessarily imply the lies that are involved in infidelity, a topic that also affects heterosexual couples.

Luckily for us, society is transforming every day with greater speed in favor of human rights.

Although some part of the community has casual relationships, the LGBT movement and campaigns against AIDS have been an important influence in the gay culture in terms of the valorization of formal relationships.



Gay relationships: as complex and bonding as any other type of relationship Seeing gay relationships as bonds between people way beyond sex has allowed to take great steps in the marriage between people of the same sex.


In modern society, more than 25 countries are part of this initiative that promotes civil rights and equality throughout the world.

Gay marriage provides the cultural and legal stimulus that the gay population needed to continue to motivate more and more men to be this “gay unicorn”.

For some gay men, the term unicorn is often derogatory, but we must remember that it is a term generated in the gay community more for fun than creating labels.

But every time we see gay men we identify with this unicorn that demonstrating that he is indeed more human and less mythological.

Do you know any gay unicorn?

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