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3 simple tips tolook pumpedon the beach


How to look pumped on the beach?

Personal trainer and fitness model Jeremy Winter obviously knows all about how to get lean and strong, but when he hit a California beach for a swimwear shoot with photographer A. Adajar he was looking extra pumped.


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Jeremy’s impressive physique definitely showcased the swimwear range from HUNK, and turned plenty of heads.


We quizzed him on how he achieved the kind of pump that enables you to hit the beach with confidence.


Putting the work in

“I take my fitness very seriously…” confirms Jeremy.

“A few of my family members are a bit overweight – I didn’t want to be like that. I’ve been active my whole life – swimming competitively since the age of four.”


He adds: “Swimming was my main focus in school – that kept me lean and toned. Once I moved to California, I pumped up my training. I got a personal trainer who helped me understand how to build muscle and how to tone up.”


“After that, I got my own personal training certification. I do a lot of HIIT workouts, mixed with weights. I teach at two HIIT gyms, so I go there everyday to take class and do my strength training.”


Men Beach Body


Beach Body Pump! - Hack 1: Intervals

Switching your gym workout to intense interval training helps to burn maximum calories – getting you lean and strong and ready for the beach.


Intense intervals gets your body working hard, meaning that even once your workout is over your body continues to burn calories at a higher rate than normal.


You can use a number of different exercises to achieve this effect – it could be on the rowing machine, the exercise bike, or running – what you’re looking for are short bursts of intense exercise with only minimal recovery time between each set.


Men Beach Body


Beach Body Pump - Hack 2: Hydration

You read some stories about fitness models or body-builders who cut back on liquids ahead of a big shoot or competition in order to look as ripped as possible.


That’s a really extreme step and isn’t something you should be considering if you just want to have some fun on the beach.


If you want to look your best on the beach, you should be drinking more water – not less. Staying hydrated will help your metabolism function effectively, and will help your skin look as fresh as possible.


Try and avoid eating anything that contains a lot of salt. Salt encourages the body to retain fluids and will leave you feeling a bit heavier than you want.


Men Beach Body


Beach Body Pump – Hack 3: Confidence

It’s important to remember that no one is going to be scrutinising you in the way that you study yourself in the mirror. We’re all our own worst critic.


We’ve all got things we’d like to improve about our bodies, but hitting the beach with a smile and a sense of fun is a lot more important than whether everyone appreciates the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym.


I’m all about feeling comfortable in your own skin…” says Jeremy. “Don’t worry about what others think. Go out and live your best life!”