Phoenix Licht Jockstrap



HUNK Phoenix Licht Jockstrap is part of the Neon Platz collection. Featuring a masculine, athletic, and sophisitcated color palette, Phoenix Licht Jockstrap multicolor strikes the balance between masculinity, style, and comfort. This product brings the best of 2020 fashion trends.

- Carefully crafted with premium soft fabrics and comfortable elastic bands
- True to American and European size
- Designed in the USA following forward fashion trends

Our sustainability efforts:

- Manufactured in Colombia under fair-labor conditions
- Manufactured with materials under ISO 14001 environmental certification for waste recycling, responsible water/energy consumption, and residue management
- HUNK is NOT a fast-fashion brand: we release biannual collections focused on high quality to increase product durability and decrease fashion waste generation

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6 days worldwide

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